About Our Trainers

Steve Bowman

The founder of the company

Steven Bowman, the founder of The One Training LLC, leverages his certifications as a Life Coach, Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Coach to help clients reach their potential. A conqueror of brain cancer, his approach is defined by holistic healing. Steven, an Athletic Hall of Fame inductee of Cheshire High School, has been celebrated for his high school and college athletic contributions. Currently, he volunteers as a coach for Cheshire’s high school football and baseball teams. Alongside these responsibilities, he cherishes family life with his wife and two sons in Cheshire, Connecticut. His credentials include certifications from the National Association of Sports Medicine and the Health Coach Institute.

Andrew Budd

Andrew Budd hails from Cheshire, CT, where sports have always played a monumental role in his life, both as a participant and a coach. His current position sees him coaching the Cheshire High Football team. His journey continued after wrapping up his playing career at Utica College. It was then that he discovered a desire to impart the wisdom and life lessons he accrued along his journey. His coaching philosophy revolves around ensuring every student not only leaves as a more skilled athlete but most importantly, a more rounded and improved individual.

Marisa Forti

Marisa Forti, a dedicated wellness professional, transforms lives through Fascial Stretch Therapy, Sports Massage, and Personal Training. Going beyond conventional methods, her personalized fitness programs inspire both body and mind. Certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy and a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) expert, Marisa’s approach is comprehensive and specialized, meeting diverse needs. As a marathon runner and Ironman, she embodies endurance and instills a resilient mindset. Marisa’s mission is to inspire a healthy, dynamic lifestyle by blending skills, experiences, and treatment modalities for a comprehensive approach to health and wellness.

Tanya Marsh

Tanya, a corporate executive with 25+ years in human behavior and I/O psychology, transforms Fortune 500 cultures. Her deep understanding of psychology, learning, and leadership led to high-impact programs accelerating human performance. Driven by a passion for well-being, she founded Ascension Wellness Collective, pioneering a holistic approach. The organization focuses on mind-body-emotional wellness, transcending traditional routes to help individuals find balance in personal and professional lives. Ascension Wellness collaborates with companies, prioritizing interconnected facets of well-being. Outside work, Tanya resides in Connecticut, engaging in youth football board service and supporting her two sons, Aniston & Brenner.