Our multifaceted training facility is a dynamic hub where individuals and teams come together to explore the full spectrum of human potential. Offering an extensive array of training options, from individualized personal workouts to collaborative team sessions, our facility is a place where diverse goals and aspirations converge. Here, you can embark on a journey of self-improvement, whether it’s achieving your personal fitness milestones or honing your team’s synergy and performance. In a supportive community, we provide a comprehensive platform that empowers you to not only reach your peak physical condition but also nurture essential life skills such as discipline, leadership, and camaraderie. It’s a place where dreams are transformed into reality, where individual and collective goals are met, and where everyone is welcome to discover their full potential.

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Participation in regular physical activity is not merely a pastime for youth; it is a fundamental cornerstone for their holistic development. Beyond promoting physical fitness and health, it cultivates essential life skills, enhances mental and emotional well-being, and fosters social connections. Through sports, exercise, and active play, young people build resilience, confidence, and the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. Physical activity empowers them to embrace a future filled with vitality, enthusiasm, and the tools needed to overcome life’s challenges.

We design training programs that are age-appropriate, taking into consideration the physical and developmental needs of each child. Safety is at the core of every exercise and activity we recommend.


Teaching and promoting proper form and technique not only reduces the risk of injuries but also lays the foundation for lifelong physical health. It’s important to instill good habits from a young age, as they can carry over into adulthood. Encouraging children to take their time, listen to their bodies, and prioritize safety will help create a safe and healthy training environment. Exercising with proper techniques and practices can significantly reduce the risk of injury in the gym and on the field.


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Steven Bowman is a certified Life Coach, Personal Trainer and Nutritional Coach and the founder of The One Training, LLC. Driven by his own experience of conquering brain cancer, Steven is passionate about helping others find healing through a holistic approach. As a certified life, fitness, and nutritional coach, Steven’s goals include developing a personalized, balanced approach to helping his clients reach their fullest potential, no matter the age, and ultimately, lead an overall healthier life (physically, mentally and spiritually).

Steven has been recognized for his contributions to athletics at the high school and college levels. As a graduate of Cheshire High School and Athletic Hall of Fame inductee, Steven was honored for excelling on and off the field. During high school, Steven earned four state championship titles in football and baseball and later, gave back to the school community that gave so much to him by coaching and eventually spearheading the CHS Football Alumni Association. Steven is currently a volunteer assistant coach for Cheshire High School football team, Cheshire Reds Baseball, and Cheshire Junior Football. He finds fulfillment in supporting the growth and development of youth both on and off the field. He currently holds a personal training certification from the National Association of Sports Medicine and a dual certification in Life and Health Coaching from the Health Coach Institute.

A man of faith, Steve is happiest with his wife Alicia raising their two sons Conn and Crew in his hometown of Cheshire, Connecticut.

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